What is Man Camp

Man camp is an experiment in creating an environment where men will have a chance to cut through the church stuff and encounter God in a way they might not in the business of normal everyday life. It's an intentional time where guys can be out and away from the noise and demands of their normal lives and connect with each other and with God.

There are some big differences between man camp and "mens retreats."  Most retreats, feel like, the things we do in church but in a new setting. Man camp is about being in the wild, enjoying your time with others, and then inviting God into those spaces.  This environment has a way of breaking down walls between guys who might not normally connect. If you get excited about whiskey and campfires and clearing out brush, then you'll get a shot at all of that, but if you're not excited about those things man camp is still really for you.


Evening of Friday, October 5 - Noon on Sunday, October 7.
Skull Valley, Utah

Scholarships available - email Mark Parret for details and scholarship information.