Following Jesus together


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In our world, the individual rules. However, in God’s Kingdom we don’t come with a “me first” mentality rather we come hearing Jesus command us to serve rather than be served and to love others like we would love ourselves. It is for that purpose that we regularly gather in small groups as House Churches. We are reminded in community that true life is found in not just being known, but also knowing God and others. We are challenged to leave the me first mentality behind and it is in our House Churches where we do that we actually begin to understand real love and life.


Location & TIME

Millcreek – Sunday 4:00pm

 Sugarhouse – Monday 7:00pm

Rose Park – Tuesday 6:00pm

Chicago St – Tuesday 6:30pm

High School — Wednesday 6pm

Holladay – Wednesday 6:15pm

Poplar Grove – Wednesday 6:30pm




Experiencing Jesus together


Change Groups

Through Change Groups we will join with one another in a transformative process of self-examination, honesty, and support. These groups are intended to be a place where our pain and struggle are met by the love of Jesus. 

Group members make a commitment to meet for 12 weeks, maintain confidentiality, and complete exercises from the workbook. The structure is such that you’ll cultivate trust, support, and accountability as you walk with others who are pursuing wholeness.

For additional info and to get connected to a change group email Pastor Heather Thomas.