Sometimes, in the routine of life or unexamined rhythms, things can begin to feel mundane. Doing the same thing over and over can start to feel old, or tiring, or even lonely. That is true in the everyday ordinary tasks of life, but it can be even truer as expressed in our friendships, marriages, jobs, parenting, and so on. Christ promises to make all things new, which is hopeful but doesn't always feel real to us.

Often, if we are honest, it can be because we haven't given ourselves space, time and community to understand what might be hindering our ability to experience something new.

The week of September 16th we'll start Change groups where we will meet weekly in groups of 5-6 people. The groups focus on identifying ways we intentionally or unintentionally hinder our own growth.  The purpose of these groups is to provide a place at Missio where we take steps towards the newness we need. We’ll join each other in a transformative process of self-examination, honesty, and support.  These groups are intended to be a place where our potential struggles toward wholeness are met by Christ’s love and grace and power.

You'll be asked to make a commitment to meet for 10 weeks, maintain confidentiality, and complete exercises from a workbook. The structure is intended to cultivate trust, support, and accountability as you walk with others.

Registration is required, as the groups will be closed once the first gathering begins. You can do that here.

If you have questions e-mail, Heather, here. 

Or if you'd like to hear a bit about the power of Change Groups, Kyle talked about his experience this week during his sermon, listen here.