Weekly Update 8.29.19


August 29, 2019

One Sunday Service Time. We are going to continue worshiping together in one big family service every Sunday through fall. We've loved celebrating together so join us at 10am!

New Elementary Classroom. Don't forget that this Sunday our Elementary classroom will be meeting upstairs. Please check in your kids upstairs and come check out the new space!

Actively Pursing Truth. At Missio Dei we believe that God has revealed the truth to us. But truth is not about having the right answers, knowing the right ideas, or checking the right boxes. No, ultimate truth is a person: Jesus Christ. Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life," and we believe that he was right and that the only way to a true and meaningful life is through him. How do we know Jesus? We believe that God has revealed himself in the pages of his inspired story, the Bible. At Missio Dei we actively work to submit ourselves to God's story. It is essential that we study his word because through it we come into direct contact with him and are transformed by him.

The Gospel According to Mark. After Pentecost, we enter “Ordinary” season. This doesn’t mean we are in a boring season but a time to ask questions about our day-to-day lives in light of who Jesus is. What better way to enter this season than with the gospel of Mark, where we hear again who Jesus is and what it means to be his people. For more additional resources and more info read our recent blog here.

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