House Church Questions - Mark 15 & 16:1-8


House Church Questions



At the heart of Mark’s gospel is a set of questions about Jesus’ identity. Who is Jesus and what does that then mean for us? As we finish Mark, those questions become even more direct. In Chapter 14 the religious leaders directly ask Jesus, “are you the messiah” and when Jesus answers “yes” they respond with violence and hate. Similarly, in chapter 15 Pilate asks Jesus, “are you the king of the Jews?” Pilate isn’t concerned with the theological infighting of the Jewish people, but he is deeply concerned about potential political turmoil. If Jesus is claiming to be King, then he is a threat to Rome and Rome does not suffer threats. Pilates question gets flushed out through 15-16 but not in the way Rome, or Israel, or often we expect. As he is led to the cross, mocked, beaten, and murdered we see a different kind of King and a different kind of Kingdom revealed.

Mark ends his gospel at the empty tomb as followers of Jesus’ feel in fear at the mystery of Jesus’ Kingship––cross and resurrection both. And this moment leaves us with a question, how do we respond the mysterious victory of Jesus? Do we go and tell? Or do we freeze in fear?

 Big Idea

  • Pilate responds to Jesus with fear and empty attempts at control and management.

  • An inability to control Jesus leads to dehumanization and rejection.

  • The cross reveals who God is, what kind of King he is, and how He is doing his work.

  • Everyone responds to Jesus poorly and the good anew is that we get to ask the question anew every day.


  1. What does the cross reveal about who Jesus is?

    • Kind of King he is (Rev. 5:5-6)

    • Who God is (phil. 2:6-7)

  2. What does the cross reveal about the people around Jesus?

    • Pilate

    • Disciples

    • Crowds & Soldiers?

    • Women disciples (Mark 15:40-41; 16:1-8)

    • Joseph of Arimathea? (Condemned Jesus to death in 14 but buried him in 15)

  3. Why do you think this is the moment that frightens the women who followed Jesus to the cross?

  4. How do you respond to the mysterious victory of the cross? (Read 16:1-8)


  • For answering the question, “how do we respond to the mysterious victory of the cross?

  • To know the good news that we can respond poorly and then respond again.