House Church Questions - Mark 14


House Church Questions

Mark 14 narrates the most significant moments for Jesus right before his death. He has been talking about his immanent death and resurrection and now it is upon them.

Sandwiched between a woman’s action that Jesus refers to as beautiful and significant betrayals by those closest to him is a meal, a meal Jesus shares where he institutes the Lords table, or communion.

Read Mark 14

  1. What are some of the significant characters in the narrative? What stands out about them and about Jesus?

  2. Jesus breaks the bread and lifts up the cup right before his body is broken and he is lifted up on the cross. In 1 Cor 11:23-25 it says that Jesus says to do this in remembrance of him. Discuss the significance of what Jesus offers us (forgiveness, peace, new life by His Spirit). Why do we need this again and again and again?

  3. Jesus’ table governs our lives differently than the tables that are rooted in self-importance, self-preservation and elitism. In what ways do we need to trust Jesus in order to have our lives governed differently than the social norms we often see around us?

  4. As we leave communion we extend the table (and the way of Jesus) by being guests at other tables. What does it mean to be a guest? How could you imagine extending this table, the presence of Jesus, as a guest?


  • Allow space for quite.

  • Pray for Missio to be a community that goes deeper into understanding what it means to be recipients of forgiveness, peace and relationship with God by His Spirit.

  • Pray that we would allow Jesus to shape us into being people who are governed by his reality.

  • Pray for specific tables that you can sit around and be a guest --pointing to Jesus and all that his table offers.