House Church Questions - Mark 13


House Church Questions


In Mark 13, Jesus again predicts the destruction of temple which follows his predictions about his own death in earlier chapters. The disciples, obviously a little confused and concerned, ask Jesus “when” all that he’s predicted will occur. Instead of answering that question though, Jesus paints a picture of a world in transition between what was and what is to come.

 On Sunday, we called this “liminality” which is an anthropological term for the disorientation and ambiguity we feel in transition. Instead of answering “when” Jesus tells his disciples they are going to experience liminality which is true. When Mark is writing all of Jesus’ words in Mark 13 feel imminently real; the temple has been destroyed, the apostle Paul has been martyred at Caesars decree, Israel is at war with Rome, and most importantly Jesus has ascended.

This is liminality, transition, and Jesus tells his disciples that they cannot know when it’ll end. What should they do? Stay awake. Bear witness to the gospel in this moment. And hold the tension.

 Big Ideas:                   

  • Stay awake – You cannot plan in liminality; life and the world are up in the air so instead Jesus says, “stay awake,” pay attention, be present to this very moment and the ways God is calling you to show up.

  • Bear Witness in trust without expectations – in liminality you cannot control the outcomes so instead we are to bear witness to the gospel trusting that God is at work beyond and outside our control.  

  • Hold the Tension – Our job is to be deeply grounded in the soil of the present while eying the hope of Jesus’ coming kingdom.


  1. Where in your life, neighborhood, and/or chuch can you see and name “liminality?”

  2. How are you called to show up, in those specific moments, and bear witness to the gospel?

    • With Community. This kind of question is best discerned with your community.

    • Get specific. In what specific ways are can you show up?

  3. Why is it important for us to hold the tension of now with what is it to come? To be grounded in the present with an eye towards Jesus’ coming Kingdom?


  • For the eyes to see what we often miss whether that be the liminality, the ways we can show up, or the hope of the Kingdom.

  • For ears and hearts to pay attention to ways the Spirit of God is calling us to show in specific moments.

  • For the creativity to bear witness to the gospel in those moments.