House Church Questions - Mark 12


House Church Questions


In Mark 12, Jesus teaches us how love works. He begins by telling a parable to the scribes and religious leaders foreshadowing the violence and rejection they will enact against him. Later, the religious leaders continue to test Jesus. They ask whether they should pay taxes to Rome, about resurrection, and then again ask about the most important commandment. Jesus responds by showing them how they’ve missed the point and that his Kingdom is not a kingdom of exclusion, injustice, or inequity. Following Jesus requires us to remember who we are and how much we are loved by him. With this in mind, Jesus calls us into the faithful practice of love that demonstrates that in God’s economy, love always wins.


Read Mark 12

  1. What is significant about Jesus’ responses to each of the religious leaders’ questions? Talk through the significance of Jesus’s responses to their questions about

    • taxes in verses 13-17,

    • resurrection in verses 18-27, and

    • the greatest commandment in verses 28-34.

  2. By asking these types of questions of Jesus, the religious leaders and scribes show us that they’ve forgotten who they are.

    • What outside pressure (religion, culture, circumstances) or internal doubt has recently caused you to forget who you are in Christ?

    • How might this have impacted you and those around you?

  3. In verses 38-44 Jesus contrasts the scribes’ self-importance and privilege with the widow, who gives all she has to a system that devours her. What does this contrast teach us about God and his values? What does it teach us about ourselves?

  4. How can you move forward in remembering who you are in Christ and to follow Jesus into the faithful practice of love to those around you?


  • Thank God for how he loves us.

  • Repent for the ways we have forgotten who we are to our own detriment and to the detriment of those around us.

  • Pray that the Holy Spirit would remind who we are regularly, and that we would be moved (individually and as a church) in love towards our neighbor.

Written by Jessica Bowman

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