House Church Questions - Mark 11


House Church Questions


Mark 11 begins with the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, the celebration of his now-arriving Kingdom, and ends with the pharisees questioning his authority. The authority and reign of Jesus is a central feature of Mark 11. God is on the move, overturning and upending the world as we know it. And in Mark 11 Jesus is overturning a religious system that has lost its practice and substance. It no longer cares for the poor, heals wounds, are even tells the truth. It’s an empty religion, a dead tree, and Jesus is overturning it. The question all of us are challenged to ask by Jesus’ movement is what do we do about it? Do we participate in the work he is doing, align our lives with him, or do we refuse it and stand in the way of it like the Pharisees?

Big Ideas 

  • God is on the move upending and overturning the world over.

  • Faith = participation in the way of God.

  • Faith that isn’t grounded in the actual work of love dies.


  1. Mark 11 contains two separate stories about the same fig tree. What is Mark telling us about the temple and faith through those stories (Read Jeremiah 8:10-13)?

  2. How do you define faith?

  3. On Sunday we said faith is belief + practice, which is also, participation in the way of God. How does that impact how you think about your faith?

  4. What does it mean to participate in the way of God based on Mark 11 and our series in Mark?

  5. Are there places in your own life and world where you struggle to participate?

  6. If faith is participation in the way of God, what does that mean for how we understand Jesus’ words in Mark 11:23-25?

    • i.e. “forgive when you stand praying,” prayer is aligning ourselves with God’s purposes. He is extending forgiveness and our prayers are to be the same.


  • For God to reveal the places where we struggle to participate in his movement.

  • To see where God is calling us to participate in his work, in our own lives and the world around us.

  • For our faith to be tended and refreshed by our practice of love in everyday life.

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