House Church Questions - Mark 10


House Church Questions


In Mark 10 we see multiple confrontations between the way of Jesus and the way of the world. In each episode people attempt to use Jesus and others (or write off others all together) for their own agenda. In the first, it’s religious leaders. Second, adults. Third, the rich young ruler, and the in the fourth it’s his own disciples. Jesus confronts each attempt and in doing so shows us his way. Mark 1 ends with an unlikely example of Jesus’ way vs. the way of the world in the story of Blind Bartimaues. He is unlike every character that’s come before and unlike everyone before, gets who Jesus is and willingly gives up the little he has to follow him.


“Grace is the law of descending movement. To lower oneself is to rise to the domain of moral gravity, moral gravity makes us fall towards the heights.”

–Simone Weil


  1. In each episode (divorce, children, rich young ruler, disciples) how do you see people either trying to use Jesus for their own agenda and/or use/write off others for their own purpose?

  2. How does Jesus challenge and confront each of the above attempts?

  3. As you read through these episodes which characters do you most resemble and why?

  4. How do you try and use Jesus for your own agenda?

  5. How do you use and write off others?  

  6. In what ways is Bartimaues different from the above stories?

  7. How and where does the actions of Bartimaues challenge your own relationship to Jesus?

  8. What are the things you hold on too that stop you from receiving Jesus in full? Where are you like the Rich Young Ruler?


  • Reveal the ways we try and use Jesus for own purposes, agenda, or ends instead of submitting to his rule and reign in our life.

  • Reveal the ways we try and use others or simply write them off and ignore them.

  • To become more like Bartimaues who was already low but willingly lowered himself even more.

  • To experience grace, the reality of falling to new heights.

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