Weekly Update 8.15.19


August 15, 2019

August Service Time. Throughout summer we’ve been worshiping together as a family at one 10am service. We are going to continue gathering at one 10am service through August as we finish the upstairs Missio Kids classroom.

Prayer. Missio is hosting a multi-church prayer training, and on August 24 at Missio, we are inviting you to sign up for a 15-20 minute appointment to receive prayer ministry. Feel free to forward this invite to anyone who might benefit from stopping by! Whether you have a need for healing, encouragement, or just more intimacy with the Father, sign up for a time slot by clicking here.

New Elementary Classroom. Our Elementary classroom is moving upstairs! Join us on Sat, August 24th at 9:30am to help set it up. Register here. To donate through the Amazon Wish List, click here.

Upcoming Ladies Bible Study. Hey Ladies, we would love to discover the Bible together with you. The freedom we have in Christ is so refreshing and beautiful yet so often we fail to experience it. In the book of Galatians, we will discover together how in our fast paced world, the freedom of Christ sets us free. All ages and views are welcome. Come enjoy drinking coffee/tea, discovering the word together, and making some new friends! If you are interested or have questions, email Laura.

When: Wednesday mornings 6:45 am - 8 am starting August 28th and continuing for 7 weeks. (time/date can be changed if needed, so let us know if your interested)

Where: 1032 E Emerson Ave. SLC 84105

International Students. This semester, the U of U International Student Ministry (connected to Intervarsity) is looking for volunteers to help cook and provide meals for their Monday night bible study. If you have any interest in international or student ministry, email Nathan Harsono.

The Gospel According to Mark. After Pentecost, we enter “Ordinary” season. This doesn’t mean we are in a boring season but a time to ask questions about our day-to-day lives in light of who Jesus is. What better way to enter this season than with the gospel of Mark, where we hear again who Jesus is and what it means to be his people. For more additional resources and more info read our recent blog here.

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