Weekly Update 7.25.19


July 25th, 2019

The Gospel According to Mark. After Pentecost, we enter “Ordinary” season. This doesn’t mean we are in a boring season but a time to ask questions about our day-to-day lives in light of who Jesus is. What better way to enter this season than with the gospel of Mark, where we hear again who Jesus is and what it means to be his people. For more additional resources and more info read our recent blog here.

Elementary Classroom Help. We’re moving the Elementary Classroom upstairs and need some help! Donate through the Amazon Wish List here. Plan to help set up the room on August 24 at 9:30am. If you have painting or organizing skills to volunteer, email Kristin.

Change for a Dollar. Open Table exists as a food outreach for those in our neighborhood who may need a good meal. To give now select "Change for a Dollar" on the app or to volunteer, email Christin.

Actively Pursing Incarnation. How did Jesus save the world? By entering it. Jesus, who is God, left his throne, his glory, and his comforts to become like us in every way. He wore clothes, had a mom, paid taxes, suffered loss, and delighted in joy; he became truly human and experienced everything it is to be human in order to know and redeem us. This is his story and he is inviting us to participate in it. Incarnation is to engage in the culture of our city by creatively practicing and proclaiming the gospel-to live incarnate: loving, serving, wooing, and suffering for the city-embodying Jesus in our communities.

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