Weekly Update 7.11.19


July 11th, 2019

The Gospel According to Mark. After Pentecost, we enter “Ordinary” season. This doesn’t mean we are in a boring season but a time to ask questions about our day-to-day lives in light of who Jesus is. What better way to enter this season than with the gospel of Mark, where we hear again who Jesus is and what it means to be his people. For more additional resources and more info read our recent blog here.

Lights for Liberty. Tomorrow, Friday, July 12, Missio is joining together with our community to participate in a vigil for those in detention facilities. We will now be meeting at the Salt Lake City Library at 8:45pm and then heading to Washington Square Park from there. Missio will be providing candles. For more info, email Zach Medlin.

Actively Pursuing Worship. Everyone worships. It is the natural response to the true affections of our heart. We either worship in response to the goodness of the Creator, or we live lives of idolatry worshiping lesser-created things. At Missio Dei, we long to be a community of people who respond first and foremost to God. We are a church that is experiencing the goodness of the gospel - freedom from lesser idols - and are constantly being re-centered on Jesus and His work in this world. How has this been true for you? Want to share with us? Email here.

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