Costello Announcement

Pastor Letter

Hello Missio Dei, 

Almost nine years ago we opened our home and a few folks gathered to pray, preach, worship, and take communion together. From that day forward, we all worked hard to build a community centered on Jesus. Since that first gathering, outside of our family, Missio Dei has been the work that God has given to us. Throughout that work we have been blessed to live life with so many and we praise God for the gift of everyone that he has brought into our community. 

So, it is with a full heart that today we announced our upcoming departure from Salt Lake City and Missio. God has moved powerfully and explicitly in our lives over the last few months and led us to accept a position in Huntington Beach, California (please listen to the podcast of the sermon to hear the whole story). We will be here through the month of February and move the first week of March. Joy’s last week leading Missio Kids will be February 10th. 

The emotions are very high and very real for us right now, as I am sure they are for you and the church. We haven’t lost our love for this city or for our church. We haven’t tired of being with you and I (Kyle) certainly haven’t tired of being your pastor. However, the Lord has spoken so profoundly and clearly to us that it is with both sadness and anticipation that we announce our departure. Since we first heard from the Lord, to talking through it with Elders and Pastors on staff, it became clear to us that to turn away his call, would be the exact opposite of everything we have sought to be and embody at Missio.

It would be more than appropriate for you to ask at this point, “What's next for Missio?”  What we would immediately say is that although this may have come as a surprise to you, it is not a surprise to God. Today the Elders of our church called all of us to be in prayer and to seek God about his will and direction for Missio. They asked us to be willing to wait on the Lord and practically speaking will be providing prayer direction every day this week to invite us to hear from God. They have been in on this process for some time now and ideas and strategies are forming, but we loved how they invited us to be a people of prayer prior to becoming a people of action. 

Missio Dei, you are a gift to us and we love you. We believe that incredible days are ahead for Missio and know God is at work. We look forward to spending this last month with you remembering all that God has done and praying expectantly for all that he will do. Thank you for being such a blessing to us. 

With much love, 

Kyle and Joy

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