Weekly Update 9.27.18

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September 27, 2018

Age of Rage. In this series we are exploring the tension of our current cultural movement. Why does the world feel so angry? Why do people feel more isolated and alone than ever before? Why do we seem so divided ? But above all, what does the gospel offer our moment and how does it direct the life and action of the Church in the here and now? Join us at 9am and 11am and listen to past sermons here.

The Peoples Theology. In our newest episode, we continue exploring the role of the Church in engaging our cultural moment. In this episode, we have a conversation with Charles Kiser about living out the good and beautiful life of Jesus as the Church.  Subscribe at iTunes, Stitcher, or Google Play.

Sunday Serve. Sunday Serve is an opportunity for us to come together and worship Jesus a bit differently than normal. This is an opportunity for us to collectively build our reputation in this city as a people who seek the well being of Salt Lake. Save the date. Sunday Serve will be November 4th. 

Missio Kid's Director. This last Sunday we announced Joy Costello as our new Missio Kid’s Director. To hear more background about Joy and Missio Kids check out the video below. Please pray for Joy and Missio Kids as we anticipate her start date on October 7th.

Volunteers for Missio Kids.  We are looking for friendly, energetic people to volunteer in our PreK and Nursery rooms.  There are a lot of exciting things happening in Missio Kids as we move into the fall. If you’d like to be a part of it, email us here.

Change for a Dollar. We believe big change can come from small acts of generosity. At the beginning of this month, Amelia told a story about a co-worker of hers who lost everything in a fire. We want to be the Church and join with Amelia to serve her co-worker. To give, follow the link and use the drop down menu to select “Change For a Dollar,” donate here.

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