Weekly Update 9.13.18


September 13, 2018

Age of Rage. This coming Sunday we start a new series exploring the tension of our current cultural movement. Why does the world feel so angry? Why do people feel more isolated and alone than ever before? Why do we seem more divided than ever? But above all, what does the gospel offer our moment and how does it direct the life and action of the church in the here and now? Series begins this week, September 16th at 9am and 11am.

Man Camp. On October 5-7, we trying experiment in creating environments where men will have a chance to encounter God. Man Camp will be an intentional time where guys can be out and away from the noise and demands of their normal lives and connect with each other and with God.  For more info and to register click here

The Peoples Theology. What is the role of the church in culture? Can we serve the world without comprising our purpose or doing damage? Listen to episode 4 of The Peoples Theology with author, pastor, and professor David Fitch out now. Subscribe at iTunes, Stitcher, or Google Play.

Writers.  Every week we begin our services with a call to worship and end with a benediction. These written pieces invite us to and send us out in worship. If you are interested in writing a call to worship or benediction email Jonny.

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