S2:E2 – History of Now


The Peoples Theology

S2:E2 – History of Now

For the first few episodes of season 2 we are talking about certain feelings that, for a lack of a better word feel, indicative of our current cultural moment. 

These are feelings that, though we may not understand or be able to trace, we use to describe the world around us. They, again for lack of a better word, feel like the best way to make sense of things; of what see online, in our families, and even what we experience in our own lives. 

The real question is why; why does the world feel this way? To answer that question we throw around a lot of ideas. People talk about hate, resentment, fear, and tribalism. And that helps, but they are really just more feelings we have about the world that helps us navigate it and make sense of it but that don’t totally explain it. 

And still, underneath all of those feelings is the question “why.” Why do we feel this way? What has happened/is happening around us to make the world feel these ways?

In this episode, we are continuing that conversation. Except we aren’t exploring a set of feelings, yet, instead we need to do some history in order to understand how we got to now. 



Jonny Morrison