The Peoples Theology


The Peoples Theology is back.

In our first episode of season two, we are exploring a feeling. Author, Pankaj Mishra, calls our cultural moment an "age of rage." All of us, at some level, can relate to this. We watch it play out on the news, in our Facebook feeds, in conversations with family, and many of us feel it.

The question is why.  We talk about tribalism and partisanship. We debate politics and policy. But, what I don’t hear, are answers to the question why. 

Why does our world feel “angrier?” Why are neo-nazi’s marching in the streets? Why has there been a backlash to "traditional American ideals?" Why did England exit the EU? Why is Italy about to elect a proto-fascist? 

The question is: why. Why is our world the way it is? 

For followers of Jesus the questions go even further: What should we do? How should the Church respond? What does the gospel say to any of this? 



Jonny Morrison