2.25.18 Reflection & Liturgy

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Each week, we gather as a community to witness to the work of Jesus in the world. Sunday aren't just about seeing friends (though that's great) or drinking good coffee (though we do have the best). Sundays are about experiencing and practicing the Kingdom of Jesus. By gathering together around the table we show the world that God is doing something and, at the same time, we learn what it looks like to practice and participate in this thing Jesus is doing. Each piece of our service is a part of that experience and practice.

Doxology & Call To Worship

In the beginning, God formed us in His image; 
Icons of the living God.
We were a people created and called; 
By Him and for Him. 

In the beginning, we chose our own image;
To glory in the self. 
We denied His call and created intention; 
We rejected Him for us. 

But, today we gather because Jesus renews;
Cracked and broken Icons  
He recreates and recalls us into His work
By Him and for Him

Missio today we gather a renewed humanity; 
Because of our; 
Creator God
Our Rescuing Savior
And the Renewing Spirit. 

Missio this is your call to worship. 


  • Lion and the Lamb
  • From the Inside Out



  • I shall Not Want
  • Jesus Paid it All
  • Turn your Eyes Upon Jesus


Missio, we are a renewing people. 
Transformed by the work of the cross. 

Missio, we are new creation people
The old has past and the new has come

Missio, we are an image bearing people
Sent to all places and to all peoples. 

Go now; 
and Imaging. 

In the Name of the of; 
Our Creator God
our Living King
And the Renewing Spirit. 

Go now, a new humanity, and be the church this week. 


LiturgyJonny Morrison