Weekly Update 2.22.18


Weekly Update 


New Series: February 14th - March 25th
Why did Jesus die on a cross? That might sound like a simple or even silly question. All of us have heard, "Jesus died on the cross to forgive us of our sins," right? But that's where things get tricky because what does it actually mean? Throughout the season of Lent we will be wrestling with this question, and what we'll find is that the answer is bigger and better than we ever imagined. Below you'll find a link to additional resources:

Baptisms This Sunday
Jesus gives the church the gift of baptism as a way to practice and proclaim the reality of our new citizenship in Him. If you consider yourself a follower of Jesus but haven’t been baptized, join us this Sunday, get baptized, and let’s celebrate the work of Jesus in your life. Baptism at Missio is open to anyone who wants to follow Jesus. If you are interested in being baptized email Kyle@missiodeislc.com.

We're Hiring
Missio is looking for an Administrative Assistant. We're looking for a highly organized individual with the ability to multitask and prioritize. This position will include; organizing pastoral calendars, social media communication, and processing facility requests (to name a few). This position is 30 hours a  week. Click here for more information. 

Change For A Dollar
Change For A Dollar exists because we believe big change can come from small acts of generosity. This Change For A Dollar is focused on a family whose father was deported while on his way to work. He was the primary financial support for his family; wife and three young children. Click the link and select Change For A Dollar. Every penny raised goes to supporting this family.