Weekly Update 11.15.18

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November 15, 2018

Age of Rage. In this series we are exploring the tension of our current cultural movement. Why does the world feel so angry? Why do people feel more isolated and alone than ever before? Why do we seem so divided ? But above all, what does the gospel offer our moment and how does it direct the life and action of the Church in the here and now? Join us this Sunday at 9am and 11am and listen to past sermons here.

Christmas Decorating. Help us deck the halls of Missio! We are looking for a team of people who will help decorate our space as we enter the season of Advent. If you would like to help, we’ll need you the weekend of November 30 - December 1. Please email Nate and let him know.

Audio Volunteer. We’re looking to add another sound engineer to our Audio Team. The Sound Engineer works with the Worship Team to lead people through music during our worship gatherings by helping create a better, more engaging sound. If you're interested in volunteering in sound, email Haley.

Missio Youth Event Calendar 2018-2019.

Dec 12 - Christmas Party with Missio SJ
Jan 9 - Youth Group with Missio SJ
Feb 13 - Youth Group with Missio SJ
Mar 13 - Youth Group with Missio SJ
Mar 29 - Spring Fling (Middle School)
Apr 10 - Youth Group with Missio SJ
May 8 - Youth Group with Missio SJ
Jun 17-21 - High School Camp
Jun 21-24 - Middle School Camp

Volunteers for Missio Kids.  Are you a friendly, energetic person who enjoys working with kids? Sign up to volunteer at Check-in or in our Elementary or PreK class. There are exciting things happening in Missio Kids so to join us, email us here.

The Peoples Theology. In our last episode, we interviewed author Dan Stanford. What kind of person does it takes to change the world? Do we need to be powerful? Strong? Wealthy? Successful? It’s easy to believe we need be a “certain” kind of person but what does God actually value and who does he call?  Subscribe at iTunes, Stitcher, or Google Play.

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