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New Series: February 18th - March 25th

Why did Jesus die on a cross? That might sound like a simple or even silly question; all of us have heard, "Jesus died on the cross to forgive us of our sins," right? But that's where things get tricky because what does it mean, actually, that Jesus died to forgive us of our sins? How does death, especially on a cross, deal with sins? And isn't that kind of archaic and old fashioned anyways? 

At this point in the discussion (if you grew up going to church), you might say; Jesus, died as "substitute," or you might say, he died to "take the wrath of God, or maybe even he died to "pay the penalty." But, again what does any of that mean? What does it mean that Jesus is a "substitute?" Or, what penalty did he pay? And more importantly, does the Bible actually teach that Jesus was sacrificed to the wrath of God? 

All of a sudden that simple question isn't so simple. 

Throughout the season of Lent (February 14th to March 25th), Missio will be wrestling with this question. Most of us have heard that Jesus died on on a cross to forgive sins but very few of us know what that means.

The good news is that it means so much more than we've been told or even imagined. 

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