Weekly Update 9.3.17

Here's what's happening at Missio:

THIS SUNDAY - September 3rd - ONE SERVICE! @ 10am

Please join us this Sunday, September 3rd, for one, big family service at 10am followed by an all church party! Please bring a dessert to share.

Volunteering with Missio Dei
If you are interested in volunteering with kids please email Anna
If you are interested in volunteering with Sunday morning hospitality please email Meg
If you are interested in volunteering with Set up, Tear Down, or other behind the scenes opportunities, please email Nate
If you are interested in volunteering with sound or other aspects of the worship service, please email Christian

Planning Center App
If you volunteer with Missio or would like to start, please download the Planning Center app for iPhone HERE or Android HERE
The app is the easiest way to sign up for volunteer opportunities and see what you're on the schedule for.

The Peoples Theology - Episode 9 - Building Babel
The Peoples Theology is back after a short summer break. Listen to our newest Podcast, Episode 9 - Building Babel. 
We live in tension. We wake up and breathe the air tension every day and the question most of us will ask is, “what do we do in the tension?” Can we fix it? Make it better? Resolve it? These are questions we’ve been asking for all of human history. Questions that have driven our most significant culture projects. Our institutions, governments, and inventions begins with the recognition that, “all is not right” in the world but while at the same time innately believing that it can be better. We see a problem and build, dream, and experiment to solve it believing that tension can be resolved, that the world can be better.
This is a good and right response to the evil we see in the world. We are image bearers, made in the likeness of a Creator who has a habit of bringing light and life to wild wastes. It is natural for us to look at destruction and want to fix it, especially when we are responsible in the first place. It’s good to intervene in crisis and seek restoration, right to change our habits and decrease our ecological footprint and honorable to get dirty cleaning shorelines damaged by oil spills. These things are good, just, and right––natural expressions of the Imago Dei. 
What happens though, when we overestimate our ability to fix the problem? Listen and Subscribe HERE

Jonny Morrison