Weekly Update 12.7.17

Here's What's New at Missio:

Christmas Eve Service at Missio Dei-Downtown SLC:

Let’s worship fully as we celebrate the birth of the Promised One, the Immanuel, King Jesus. Christmas Eve is the night we gather together to recognize the wondrous moment when God through Jesus entered our world to set the captives free—to set all that is wrong and lost in the world right. This is the moment on which all of our hope rests. This is a critical moment in which our lives forever change and is a perfect opportunity to invite your coworkers, neighbors, coffee baristas and friends to meet the baby Jesus and to hear His hope, the all-satisfying hope, He brings.

Christmas Eve service starts at 5pm on Sunday, December 24th. Prior to the service starting at 4pm, there will be cookie decorating for the children, the consumption of delicious cookies/breads and warm-cozy drinks to celebrate this momentous event.

Please bring your favorite cookies and/or breads to share with the Missio Dei Community and guests.

Christmas Eve BREAKFAST at Missio Dei SoJo!

Come join our brothers and sisters at Missio Dei-South Jordan on Christmas Eve morning at 9:30am for a free—yes free--breakfast followed by worship. Now that Jesus has come, there is much to be celebrated. Jesus has come for His people—for us. Let’s kick off Christmas Eve by communing with our entire Missio family before gathering at the downtown Missio Dei in the evening!

Address: Missio Dei South Jordan

11477 S. Redwood Road South Jordan, UT

Change for a Dollar:

Let our giving reflect the incarnation--the moment when Jesus entered our world as a baby--of our powerful God! Let us remember one of our family member's needs and the call from Jesus to love her and her daughter-in-law by prayerfully considering monetary support for a visa toward US citizenship. Without the visa, there is a threat of being taken back to Mexico and an ongoing fear of being collected by immigration. Tis a sweet thing to get to be the hands of Jesus! For more details and to get involved, please check out this important Go Fund Me campaign by clicking HERE

The Peoples Theology:

In our final episode of 2017, we have a conversation about sexual assault and the role of friends, family, and the church with Pastor Heather Thomas. Historically, the Church hasn't been a placethat cultivated conversations about sexual assault and abuse. In fact, the institution of the church has often been complicit. The question on the table then, is what can we do differently? How do we become a people that advocates for victims, creates safe places, and always offers mercy?! To listen, click HERE


Single Service on New Year's Eve

Where will you devote your energy in the new year? Join us as we continue the celebration of hope and continue to learn to trust in Jesus by diving into His holy word. There will be one service on Sunday, December 31st at 10AM. Let's bring in 2018 by worshipping fully our Savior as one, large and grateful Missio Dei community.

Psalm 100:1 "Shout for joy to the Lord all of the earth! Worship the Lord with gladness."

Missio SLC