Episode 14 - Witnesses

This year has been a historic one. We've seen political shifts, protests, and activism on a new scale. But maybe, the most historic movement of all is the revelations of sexual assault by men in power. The reality isn't new but, maybe for the first time, America is listening to the stories of victims. But, as it does a new set of questions arise. Mainly, what do we do about it? How do we become a better people? How do we protect people from sexual assault and abuse? And for us, the questions have to come back to the church. Where have we been in all of this? What should we do? 

In our final episode of 2017, we have a conversation about sexual assault and the role of friends, family, and the church with Pastor Heather Thomas. Historically, the Church hasn't been a place that cultivated conversations about sexual assault and abuse. In fact, the institution of the church has often been complicit. The question on the table then, is what can we do differently? How do we become a people that advocates for victims, creates safe places, and always offers mercy? 



Jonny Morrison