2017 Sermons in Review


Best of 2017

Sunday Sermons

52. That's how many Sunday sermons are written in one year at Missio. We don't blame you if you forget some of them. As we were working on this list we could barely remember sermons before November. But, we're glad we spent time looking back through this years catalogue because, we think, some of our most important sermons ever happened in 2017.  So here they are, some of favorite and most important sermons from 2017. And, if you didn't know you get listen to past sermons, good news! You can listen to all of them. 


The Parable of the Field – January 15th, 2017 

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Jesus doesn’t bring us a message that is just ok or a good idea. He steps into our world and brings us a message that is more valuable than anything this world has ever seen. Through the Parable of the Field Jesus shows us that his Kingdom is worth anything and everything that we would sacrifice to get it. He shows us that his message is not meant to turn us into consumers or kings rather its meant to invite us in as participants and subjects of the Eternal King Jesus.


Pray Like Jesus - August 13th, 2017

Why do our prayers look different then the ones Jesus invites us to pray? Why does he never stop praying and we casually get around to it at meal time or when we wake up and go to sleep? Are we missing something? Jesus uses his parable of the persistent widow to wake us up to a new reality of prayer. He invites us to see just how different our lives can be and our understanding of God can be when we stop limiting and taming prayer and accept God’s invitation to truly encounter him in prayer.

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Parable of The Prodigal - September 2017

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We spent the month of September studying the parable of the prodigal son. Every week we looked at a different character in the story. We couldn't break them up or choose between them, so we chose all of them. 


Serve Like Jesus - October 1, 2017

Jesus asks in Mathew 11:28-30 all those who are weary and weighed down to come to him to find rest but he offers something seemingly strange for people needing rest. He offers his yoke. A yoke was traditionally a piece of equipment used in working. Our vision of rest usually comes in the form of a vacation or a nap or a way to get away from everything. Jesus knows that the most restful gift he can give the tired is a new way to carry life, a fresh way to bear burdens.  

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The Religion of Consumerism - December 10, 2017


We are formed and discipled by the religion of consumerism. It forms our desires, how we answer tough questions, how we engage church, and how we think about other people. That might sound like a cute way to talk about our culture but nothing has wreaked more havoc or claimed more lives in our world than the religion of consumerism.

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