Weekly Update 10.7.17

Here's what's new at Missio:

Missio School of Theology - The Gospel of Jonah: 5 week class 10/22-11/19 @ 11AM

The story of Jonah is not about a fish. It’s not even really about Jonah. Instead, it’s about Jonah’s God. It’s about how God declares mercy and compassion to those far from Him and to those who could be close, but choose to run. Starting October 22 at 11AM and continuing for 5 weeks, we’ll be looking at Jonah with fresh eyes and fresh hearts to see and hear what God wants to say to us through this crazy sailor/fish/bad missionary story.  We’ll be meeting in the Glass Chapel. Materials provided. Contact Howie Smith with any questions, and to register.

Child Dedications - November 5th
November 5th at the 9 and 11am services, we will be hosting a Child Dedication. Please register in advance in order to let us know which service time you would prefer (registrations will be open until October 22nd). We look forward to partnering with you as you make a public declaration of commitment to your child's spiritual growth. Register HERE.

Women’s Retreat - October 13th-14th
Missio Dei will be having a women's retreat on October 13th-14th, which is intended to allow us time away with other women to be rejuvenated. We’ll do so by diving into God’s word together, through group activities, optional physical activities, worship, and more. For more information and to register, click here

Harvest Festival! - Saturday, October 28th - 4-7pm

Missio Dei South Jordan is hosting they're annual "Big Top Harvest Festival" and would like to invite everyone to attend at their newly renovated facility!
This is a FREE event open to all families in and around the community. Join us for an evening of fun, games, food, treats and fellowship!
Fun activities for the entire family!
Carnival themed booths and games, Chili, Soup, and Baking contest, Costume contest with awards, and lots of Candy, Prizes and Treats!
Missio South Jordan - 11477 S Redwood Dr., South Jordan, UT 84095

Prayer Night - Last Tuesday of every Month - 7-8pm
"Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.” (Jeremiah 33:3). We want to come together and pray as a community. The last Tuesday of each month, we gather and spend the evening praising the Lord together and praying to Him for many things (including but not limited to our community of Missio Dei as a whole, our ministries, our house churches, our leaders, and our city).  Contact Stephanie for more info

The Peoples Theology -  Episode 11 - Technotheology
We have an obsession with stories about robots and artificial intelligence think about movies and books like Terminator, AI, the Matrix, Transcendence and  I Robot. And if you watch/read them you’ll notice that with a few expectations, the plot of most of these stories revolves around the dangers of robots and Artificial Intelligence. Somehow the machines develop a conscious and the will to act, and for whatever reason, they decide that humans are a threat and in the case of the Matrix a resource. 
We’ve been telling these stories for a long time, and for most of that history, they have seemed like just stories. But recently, that fear seems to become a bit more imminent. 
People like Elon Musk, Noam Chomsky, and Stephen Hawking have all signed an open lettering cautioning humanity about the future of AI. Stephen Hawking has in multiple places, gone so far as to say that Artificial intelligence could end mankind.  
And all of a sudden, what seemed like a far off distant future has become now. 
What do we as Christians do with this? Is our theology prepared for AI? 
Listen and Subscribe HERE

Volunteering with Missio Dei
If you are interested in volunteering with kids please email Anna
If you are interested in volunteering with Sunday morning hospitality please email Meg
If you are interested in volunteering with Set up, Tear Down, or other behind the scenes opportunities, please email Nate
If you are interested in volunteering with sound or other aspects of the worship service, please email Christian

Planning Center App
If you volunteer with Missio or would like to start, please download the Planning Center app for iPhone HERE or Android HERE
The app is the easiest way to sign up for volunteer opportunities and see what you're on the schedule for.

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