Weekly Update 10.28.17

Here's what's new at Missio:

Sunday Serve TOMORROW 10/29

8:30-9 AM – Coffee, donuts, sign in time!

9-9:30 – Begin worship with communion and song

9:30-9:45 – Orientation with group leader

9:45-10:00 – Go to respective locations

10:00-12/12:30 – Continue in worship through service

12-1:30 – Lunch available at Missio building

Missio School of Theology - The Gospel of Jonah: 5 week class 10/22-11/19 @ 11AM
The story of Jonah is not about a fish. It’s not even really about Jonah. Instead, it’s about Jonah’s God. It’s about how God declares mercy and compassion to those far from Him and to those who could be close, but choose to run. Starting October 22 at 11AM and continuing for 5 weeks, we’ll be looking at Jonah with fresh eyes and fresh hearts to see and hear what God wants to say to us through this crazy sailor/fish/bad missionary story.  We’ll be meeting in the Glass Chapel. Materials provided. Contact Howie Smith with any questions, and to register.
*You can learn more about The Gospel of Jonah class at Missio with Howie Smith by watching this VIDEO.

Prayer Night - Last Tuesday of every Month - 7-8pm
"Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.” (Jeremiah 33:3). We want to come together and pray as a community. The last Tuesday of each month, we gather and spend the evening praising the Lord together and praying to Him for many things (including but not limited to our community of Missio Dei as a whole, our ministries, our house churches, our leaders, and our city).  Contact Stephanie for more info

The Peoples Theology: Episode 12 - Holy War pt. 1
How do we reconcile the goodness of Jesus and the violence of the Old Testament that is seemingly attributed to God? In this episode, we begin a 2 part series exploring Holy War with pastor and author Josh Butler. 
There are few topics that are as difficult for followers of Jesus than this and the answers we've received often feel a bit reductionist. That leaves many of us feeling afraid of the story and even afraid of the God depicted in the story. For others of us, we refuse to accept that kind of violence and reject either the story or the God of the story. 
What should we do with the violence of the OT? And more importantly, who is the God of these actions and moments? 
The answer we walk away with, is compelling and even good, but it's not easy. 
Listen and Subscribe HERE

Volunteering with Missio Dei

HOSPITALITY HIGHLIGHT: Let's make our Missio regulars and guests feel welcomed and wanted! We are currently looking for a few people to sign up for both the 9am and 11am services to both greet and usher. Specifically, we need 2-3 people for the 9am service and 2-3 people for the 11am service. It's a small time commitment, but a large impact in preparing our space for others to meet Jesus! Check out this VIDEO.

If you are interested in volunteering with Sunday morning hospitality please email Meg
If you are interested in volunteering with kids please email Anna
If you are interested in volunteering with Set up, Tear Down, or other behind the scenes opportunities, please email Nate
If you are interested in volunteering with sound or other aspects of the worship service, please email Christian.

Planning Center App
If you volunteer with Missio or would like to start, please download the Planning Center app for iPhone HERE or Android HERE
The app is the easiest way to sign up for volunteer opportunities and see what you're on the schedule for.

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